Monitor. Detect. Intervene.

Exero Medical develops a biodegradable wireless sensor for early detection of anastomotic leaks following GI Surgery.
Its system is designed to prevent complications by warning physicians of a potential leak, enabling early intervention.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Anastomotic leak is a common, life threatening complication of GI surgeries (such as colorectal and bariatric). Early detection before clinical manifestation of anastomotic leak is key to a favorable outcome, but diagnosis at this stage is difficult.

Diagnosis time lag impacts mortality rates and economic burden. Exero Medical’s system deploys a sensor that continuously monitors the condition of the anastomosis area and enables preventive actions before the patient’s condition deteriorates.

Exero’s system intended benefits are:

Better patient recovery

Prevention of serious complications in case of a postoperative leak

Generation of new real time data on patient recovery

Cost reduction

Shorter hospitalization

Exero’s system targets an addressable market of  millions of procedures annually  with over 2 Billion dollars of potential revenues

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